“Théâtre Optique” for Honcho no ie


panel for theatle optique

Treadle sewing machine (from my mother’s birthplace), Reed organ (from my father’s place), paper, lens, etc…




 There was a house which built in Meiji era at Kanbara inn town of the Tokaido road. In Taisho era clinic was added to this, had been run until Heisei era.
Though The house had seen the history of people who live, was torn down in 2010, after the last resident my grandmother passed away in 2007.
So I compiled memories of such a house in paper film, and show these with “Théâtre Optique” which is the device to reproduce with light.



 The film consists of 4 parts, 1910’~ a youth term of my grandfather and his brothers, 1940’~ my grand mother to married into a family and my father and his brothers grew up, 1980’~ sons get married in, each children are born, and grandchildren came to come see, and 2007~2010 after grandparents passed away, until the house pulled down. The music set to is also four movements suite, played with reed organ witch has been at this house.


 Some historic thing fade away… must hand down and share the fact that there was such a architecture…
I created this from thoughts like a sense of mission.
Though it’s material personal, perhaps people interested or see their own story in stranger’s story.

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Ⅰ. 1910’~ declamato 0:10
Ⅱ. 1940’~ the golden age animato brillante 1:46
Ⅲ. 1980’~ tenelamente (has moving part) 3:50
Ⅳ. after 2007~2010 (has moving part) 5:50